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Laminate Asphalt Shingle Types

Titan Roofing installs more laminate roofing systems than any other and with over 1200 completed we feel we are the best at it. Most contractors will push this product either in a 3 tab or architectural product but not show the consumer the high definition versions of the same brand. Titan only uses high definition shingles as well as high definition hip and ridge capping and they dramatically change the appearance of the roof.

The key to building a great laminate roofing system and a trademark to the way Titan Roofing does things are as follows and a must for anyone using this roofing system.

– Using the high definition shingles gives more pop and shine from the road and with the addition of the high definition hip and ridge capping it just completes the overall look. You ensure your roof gets laser cut lines because the material Titan buys is pro-cut at the factory and not dependent on a crew member using a box cutter to form the edges.

– Choosing the right size and color drip edge is key because not all trim boards are the same size and you obviously wouldn‘t want a galvanized drip edge laying along the edges of your roof with a brown roof shingle. We take the time to hand pick what we think will look amazing and give you that as a recommendation.

– We only use synthetic felt underlayment which is more expensive but ensures no water will get through your roof. During this process we install ice and water protection in all valleys and around the chimney to add an additional layer of water protection.

-All our equipment is new which means if you have a crew with old nail guns it might not have enough psi to drive the nail through the decking and soon you’ll have nails lifting up.

-Titan Roofing understands proper roof ventilation and we install ridge vent on all main ridges and remove and re-deck over your old vent holes. This cleans up your roof and gives you more outtake for the hour to escape from. If another contractor is suggesting otherwise you will be doing a great disservice to your air flow quality.

-Titan treats your yard better than your roof and lays tarps around the entire perimeter before all projects get started and makes sure your property and landscaping are in the exact condition they were before we started.

-Titan roofs are built in one day because we use the largest crew in San Antonio and start on time at 6:30 am every time, your material will be roof loaded the day before and finished before you return home for work.

-Evidence is on our YouTube videos and is a great example
of our dedication to doing a good job.

Titan Roofing’s goal is simple: build the best roof possible by the best crew with the finest material in a timely manner while providing out of this world customer service. I can promise you that you cannot use better material or find a better crew with a no money down transaction that Titan Roofing. Request your free estimate today and within 24 hours you will have more a comprehensive estimate detailing material used and pay options.



Laminate style shingles are the shingles you see on the majority of houses in America and come in two distinct styles which are 3 tab and dimensional. Most older homes are built with 3 tab shingles and most get upgraded to a dimensional product.


Laminate dimensional shingles can go a step further by offering you choices on high definition profiles, style of cut and the addition of extra nailing strips on the back. All in all most laminate dimensional shingles are rated at 130 mph when 6 nails are installed, others can offer that wind rating with just 4 nails per shingle and an algae resistor. Our recommendation is the Owens Corning Duration shingle or the GAF Timberline HD as both are great product upgrades for any roof.


After you’ve picked your shingle you’ll need to decide on the hip and ridge capping that will be used. Most contractors buy a regular bundle of 3 tab shingles and someone from the crew will cut these tabs to form what gets installed on the roof. This can lead to uneven cuts and color variations plus not all manufacturers have a matching hip and ridge product. We only install high definition hip and ridge capping like the Owens Corning RizerRidge product or the GAF TimberTex product. Make sure the lines of your roof look defined and laser cut and not uneven and mismatched.

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