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The most dynamic and timeless roofing system you could choose which offers a lifetime of European feel and remarkable longevity is a slate roof. After spending two years selling and replacing roofs in the northern Pennsylvania Amish country I worked hand in hand with these amazing craftsman installing these roofing systems and learned invaluable construction knowledge. Titan Roofing actually brings in the country’s finest craftsman who do nothing but build these systems to handle your project. However, investing in a slate roof though is a sizable financial commitment, so it is important when considering these roofing systems what the advantages and drawbacks are before making a buying decision.

On a typical 3000 square foot home your basic asphalt roof will cost on average $8700. A metal roofing system will be in the $15,000 range but a slate roofing system will cost you on close to $30,000 although your location and difficulty of the roof could add to that cost. Making a decision on a slate roof adds immediate value to your home, curb appeal and a roof that will never need to be maintained again. Most manufacturers will give you a 100 year warranty on their products.

Slate roofs are resistant to high and low temperature fluctuations and nasty weather conditions, are not affected by fungus or mold, and in addition it’s maintenance free. There are slate roofing systems in Europe that are still on after 500 years which still display timeless beauty and are amazing to look at.

The disadvantages of installing a slate roofing system is that if the roof is walked wrong you may crack a slate tile and replacing it is not cheap. This cannot be done by just any contractor and in all honesty is quite complicated. The other problem is that there will be a great amount of weight on your roof – between 800-1500 pounds per square (100 square feet). Not all homes have decking systems that allow for this and will need to be double enforced so you need to have your home evaluated to see if it can withstand the weight limits.

Lastly the installation process is long due to the highly technical experience needed to install one of those systems and this is the reason Titan Roofing employs only the best slate teams to come to San Antonio and complete your project. To date I know of no technical crew in Texas that has the ability to do this complicated job. Through my experience and travels I have great working relationships with the crews that do, and you can rest assured that only the best crew will be on your roof with credentials and referrals in hand.

If you would like to learn more about installing a slate roof on your home please send us an estimate request and a photo of your home and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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