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Wood Shake

One roof option not typically discussed but one that Titan Roofing knows a lot about is the cedar shake roof. When used on a roof covering, wood can either be shakes or shingles. Wood shake roofs have been around for centuries and can be cut into the shakes from California redwoods, western red cedars, cypress, spruce and pine. Cedar at the moment is the most popular wood right now used when installing shake wood roofs and are treated with fire retardants and chemical preservatives before arriving to your home.

Most customers choose a wood shake roof because it just looks so good compared to what else is out there. Additionally the cost increase isn’t prohibitive when shopping around, however, there are many things to know before choosing this product.

– The maintenance cost is high because the wood needs to breath so constantly freeing your roof of leaves and debris is a must and gutters must be free of debris as well. Moss can grow on these roofs and having to get up there to treat that area with a 50:50 mix of chlorine and water may not sound too appealing to you.

– When thinking of replacing your wood shake roof with an asphalt based product you would instantly diminish the value of your property and in most cases your HOA or historic district city officials would make you go back with one.

If you are in a position where you have to replace your cedar shake roof or want information about installing a new one send us a request and we can help. Titan Roofing has done several of these roofing systems and have the team to complete it.

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