Comparing Metal Roofing and Tile Roofing

Metal Roofing Comparison

Are you a homeowner looking to replace your roof? You will no doubt want to know about the different roofing material options available to you. But it can be difficult knowing what roof types the best and which ones should be left alone. A common question from homeowners is, “metal or tile roofing, which one is better?” During this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to answer that exact question. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have all the information you need to make a good choice for you.

To find out which roof material is better, we need to weigh out the pros and cons of both. We will also highlight the differences in cost, durability, and energy efficiency. Because let’s face it, when investing in a new roof you want to make the best choice. After all, roof installation is often expensive.

So, let’s get going. Let’s take a look at both tile and metal roofing to see what one is best for you.

Your Personal Design

If you are looking to achieve an attractive look for the outside of your home, then both metal and tile roofing are great options. A tiled roof is available in a wide range of colors, making it appealing to many homeowners. If the overall aesthetic of your roof is important to you, then a tiled roof may be the one for you!

In contrast, metal roofing offers a variety of colors too. However, not quite as many as what tile roofing does. Despite this, it still may be a good option to browse the colors available in both tile and metal roofing to see what one suits you best.

To sum up – Both tile and metal roofing offer great visual appeal.


Tile roofing has been around for many centuries, so it has a proven track record for being a great option. However, do not let that put you off considering metal roofing. Both tile and metal roofing offer great durability. While tile roofs can last around 50 years or more, metal roofs can also last up to 40 years. Therefore, replacing both of these types of roofing should not be an issue for many years to come.

However, it should be noted that tiles are fragile material. While it offers great durability, it can also break relatively easily with enough force. Tiles can chip and crack during transport and installation. Not only that, but if you happen to step on your tiled roof incorrectly, this could potentially cause some damage.

In contrast, metal is more difficult to break. While tiles can withstand a fair amount of force, metal can withstand more. Metal roofing is often resistant to breaking and can cope with strong winds, snow, and falling debris.

To sum up – Tile and metal roofing are both long lasting, however, tiles are more fragile.

Energy Efficiency

While both tile and metal roofing offer great energy efficiency, they are unique in their own ways. For instance, tile roofing is great for insulation because of the gaps between each tile. Tiles are installed individually, which allows great air circulation. Metal roofing helps to keep your home cool during the summer months by reflecting heat away. This helps to reduce your energy costs by keeping the strain off your air conditioning unit.

To sum up – Both tile and metal roofing have great energy efficiency benefits, however different.

Roof Maintenance

Ideally, homeowners will want a roof that is relatively low maintenance. As this is a big factor in what roof material you will choose, you will be happy to hear that both tile and metal roofing are low maintenance.

When compared with other roofing materials, tile and metal are low maintenance. But this does not mean that you do not need regular roof maintenance at all! Low maintenance simply means that the roof will not damage as quickly as other types.

Regardless of how low maintenance your roof is, you should still get it assessed for damage routinely. For tile roofing, it should be inspected for any damage. Luckily, replacing the tiles can be done singularly. This makes replacing damaged tiles a much easier process.

To sum up – The maintenance for both tile and metal is low.


A lot of homeowners are now taking into consideration whether their home improvement materials are sustainable. This is a great step towards ensuring that we take care of our planet and mostly use eco-friendly materials.

Tiles are typically made to be chemical-free and not contain any hazardous materials. Not only that, but clay tiles are made using a natural material found in the Earth. This material is not in danger of running out and therefore is a sustainable source. Additionally, tiles are easily recycled by grinding them up for other uses.

Metal roofing is also 100% recyclable, which is a bonus for anyone who is eco-friendly conscious. Any metal roofing panels that do not get used can be easily recycled and used for other projects. In fact, some sheets of metal roofing already contain recycled materials.

To sum up – Tile and metal are both wonderfully eco-friendly materials that can be recycled.

Installation Expense

Metal Roofing vs Tile Roofing

For most homeowners, the cost of a new roof is a huge factor when choosing their roofing materials. Homeowners juggle the need for a high-quality roof with the constraints of their budget. To put it simply, tile roofs are usually a bit more expensive than metal roofs.

The higher cost for tile roofs is not due to the cost of materials. The price reflects the labor required due to the tiles needing to be installed individually.

As a rough estimate, tile roofing can cost around $20 per square foot, while metal roofing can cost around $12 per square foot.

To sum up – Tile roofing is more expensive than metal roofing.

Fire Resistance

Keeping your family and loved ones safe is, of course, a priority. Therefore, when considering which roof material to use, why would you not take into consideration whether the roof type is fire resistant? This specifically rings true for anyone who lives in regions that are prone to wildfires.

Both tile and metal roofing have high fire resistance and are Class A fire rated. This means that they are resistant to catching fire and are unlikely to combust.

To sum up – For anyone living in areas prone to wildfires, both tile and metal roofing are great choices.

Finding the Roof Type That is Right for You

When considering and looking at the roofing materials available, you will of course want to look into a range of options first. Before purchasing, it is important to consider all the pros and cons that are important to you, to make an informed decision.

Some factors that you will want to take into consideration are:

  • Your Budget
  • Availability
  • Personal Style
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Energy Efficiency

While tile and metal roofing are very different, they both offer their own sets of pros and cons. If you are unsure of what roof is best for you, do not delay in getting in touch. We will happily help you to figure out which roof type is the one for you.

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