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Waiving Insurance Deductibles for Roofing Claims in Texas

Prior to going into detail, the essential takeaway of this article is to inform you that it is illegal for roofing contractors in Texas to waive insurance deductibles. Period. If any contractor offers to waive a deductible or promises a rebate to cover all or part of it, don’t do business with them. In addition, report the incident via the Texas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline immediately at 1-800-621-0508.

Texas Government Cracks Down on Fraudulent Roofers in Texas

According to the Payment of Insurance Deductible bill, H.B. 2102: “It is a violation of Texas law for a person or business paid wholly or partly from proceeds of a property insurance claim to knowingly allow the policyholder to fail to pay, or assist the policyholder’s failure to pay, the applicable deductible.” As of September 1, 2019, a Texas law made this practice illegal. Under this law, violators can get up to a $2,000 fine and up to six months in jail.

Why Texas Consumers Are Vulnerable

Often to our dismay, we are prone to frequent hailstorms and high winds here in South Central Texas. Unfortunately, these often cause serious damage to homeowners’ roofs over large geographical areas. Following severe weather events, fraudulent roofing contractors seem to come out of the woodwork to solicit unsuspecting policyholders at their doors. The, they will promise free roof repairs or replacement and inform homeowners that their deductible will be waived or absorbed.

Then, fraudulent roofers will cut corners by using low quality products and/or inflate the costs sent to your insurance company to pay for the difference. This practice always means fake contracts, shoddy repairs, and worse headaches for homeowners than the ones the storm caused.

In addition, consumers will fail to pay their deductibles and unknowingly commit insurance fraud. This scam not only harms policyholders, but also honest roofing companies that can’t compete with an offer of free roofing services. While this dishonest practice has been illegal in Texas for decades, a preceding law was too vague to effectively enforce.


Stopping Fraudulent Roofers in Their Tracks

However, now roofing scammers can be prosecuted to the full extent of this new, more specific law. Although this means that homeowners will always have to pay out-of-pocket for their deductibles, they don’t run the risk of being duped by empty offers. According to Texas Insurance Commissioner Kent Sullivan, “This new law will help further protect consumers. Roofers who waive deductibles are cutting corners. Take your business elsewhere.”

By far, the most important thing to remember regarding roofing services is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. At Titan Roofing, we’ve seen a disheartening number of homeowners contact us after falling victim to this scam.

Things a Trustworthy Roofing Contractor Will Never Promise

  • Reimbursement for deductible
  • Free roof work
  • Deductible payment assistance
  • Masking deductible as something else (an illegal practice you could get severely penalized for)
  • Offering to “take the deductible off your hands”

Tips to Avoid Contractor Fraud

Fortunately, there are easy ways to ensure that a roofing company isn’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes. These include:

  • Getting a detailed, written estimate with clear contact information on company letterhead
  • Seeking more than one bid to determine if an offer is too good to be true
  • Asking for multiple references with phone numbers
  • Being wary of out-of-town references
  • Rejecting door-to-door solicitations
  • Not paying in full up front
  • Refusing to make a final payment until the work is done
  • Never signing a contract with blanks on it


Storm Chasers: Homeowners Beware

After a storm, roofing scam artists come out in full force, promising deals that no legitimate roofing contractor could honestly survive on. These non-local “storm chasers” take advantage of homeowners’ vulnerability following a weather disaster. If they are from out of town, this should be an immediate red flag. Instead, it’s always best that you come to the roofing contractor instead of them coming to you.

A reputable roofing company like Titan Roofing doesn’t need door-to-door soliciting to hustle for business. An honest company will have plenty of prospects contacting them after a storm based on word-of-mouth referrals. And a well-established company will always have room for more. However, even if you are the one to initiate the process of filing a claim and working with a roofing contractor, if there is any talk of waiving an insurance deductible, end the process there.

It’s always best to go with a local roofing contractor. They will know about any building codes that you and your insurance company need to be aware of to ensure you’re in full compliance. Plus, any legitimate contractor knows that waiving a deductible is illegal, and now you do too. No matter how a so-called roofing contractor tries to sugarcoat the offer, you’ll be well-prepared to politely decline their services before promptly reporting the incident.

You Can Trust the Titan Pros so Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Today

If you’ve been the victim of a severe weather event in the San Antonio area, Titan Roofing is ready to save the day. We know the ins and outs of filing roofing insurance claims and how to ensure that insurance adjusters provide an accurate estimate for damages incurred. From a thorough roof inspection, to ensuring your compensation is fair, to providing the highest quality work available, we’ll be there every step of the way.