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Why to Choose Titan Roofing for Your Roof Installation

We at Titan Roofing are experts in new roof installations, roof replacement, and roof repair. No two new roof installations are alike, staring with the reasons you’re having it done. That’s why Titan Roofing inspections are so detailed and thorough. Because our satisfied customers form the bedrock of our business, we’re always entirely honest about your level of need when it comes to roof replacement. Whatever your reasons, we know how to get the job done right and within your budget.

In some cases, the reasons to get a new roof are crystal clear. In others, the reasons may be more difficult to spot. For example, storm damage can take months or years to be recognized by the casual observer. Then, there are other times when the reasons for a new roof don’t have anything to do with damage. Regardless of the reasons, deciding to get a new roof is a big decision and a large investment. However, the best roof installation will enhance your home’s appearance, increase its value, and improve its overall function.

Reasons You May Need a New Roof

Do you own a home that you’re renting out? Are you considering putting your house up for sale? Is your existing roof more than 20 years old? Titan Roofing recommends one of our free roof inspections to check for any damage. This is the first step in determining if you need a new roof, or if repairs will do the trick. Here are some signs to help you decide if a new roof is in order:

  1. Missing shingles
  2. Torn or broken shingles
  3. Curled or cupped shingles
  4. Thick moss or mold covering large areas
  5. Bald shingles (significant loss of granule coating)
  6. Numerous leaks
  7. Soft and rotten sheathing

Replacing your roof at the right time is essential. If you wait for too long, issues can get worse, making the cost of replacement increase considerably. Fortunately, a free Titan Roofing inspection will tell us exactly what’s necessary to get your roof in the best shape at the most affordable price. If you simply need repairs or maintenance, that’s what we’ll tell you. In other words, we’ll never try to sell you a roof replacement if you really don’t need it. We are a local, family-owned business, and we value our great reputation in the Greater San Antonio area and surrounding communities.

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Not All Reasons for a Roof Replacement Are Age-Related

These are common symptoms of an aging roof. However, there are other reasons for replacing your roof that have nothing to do with normal wear and tear over time.

Storm damage to your roof can manifest in numerous ways. These include:

  • Bare patches
  • Holes or cracks
  • Damaged vents
  • Shattered skylights
  • Cracked sheathing
  • And more

Damage to the “bones”, or basic structure, of your roof should never be underestimated. Therefore, it’s important to schedule a free roof inspection after a Texas-size storm to prevent expensive repairs down the line.

Although a properly maintained asphalt shingle roof will last between 15 and 25 years, certain things like mold expansion, extreme temperatures, and storm damage can shorten its lifespan significantly. Signs of excessive wear and tear on a fairly new roof are much the same as that of a roof that’s reaching the end of its life. To avoid more serious problems in the long run, it’s important to have periodic inspections throughout your roof’s life.

Sometimes, homeowners want to improve curb appeal to sell their home, even if their roof isn’t near the end of its lifespan. Unsurprisingly, a new roof upgrade can drastically increase your home’s resale value. Moreover, it can revive the look of an older home and bring in more potential buyers who will be happy to know the roof won’t need replacement for quite some time.

Maybe you need a new addition to accommodate your growing family or aging in-laws. Or maybe you would like some skylights to brighten certain spaces. Whatever the size or type of remodeling project, it’s often necessary to change your roofline or install a new roof. In addition, old roofs with spots of re-roofing can look quite awkward, decreasing curb appeal and home value.

Regardless of your reasons for getting a new roof, Titan Roofing specialists know how to provide the highest quality work that fits your budget and unique needs. If you want your home to look more rustic, modern, or cozy, we have the expertise to deliver the roof of your dreams. In addition, we always remain abreast of current roofing trends to ensure you receive the most current products and techniques. We also understand the importance of complying with state, city, and homeowner association building codes and bylaws, so you’ll always be in full compliance.


Is a New Roof in San Antonio in Your Future?

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