Types of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Buyers Guide



The truth is, there is a wide range of metals from which to choose. That can make choosing one a little daunting. In addition, you may be tempted to just pick the one that looks the best to you and move on. However, it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of metal. This will make it easier for you to make the right choice for your specific needs, your home, and your climate.

By the end of this buying guide, the Titan Roofing team hopes you’ll have a deeper understanding of which type of metal is the best choice for you.


Types of Metal Roofing

Aluminum is lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. It’s also extremely durable, even under prolonged exposure to the elements. Moreover, it’s easy to work with and install because aluminum sheets are thinner than other metals. That being said, this characteristic also makes aluminum more susceptible to storm damage.

It’s hard to beat copper roofing in terms of longevity because this strong metal can provide optimal function for over 50 years. It is highly resistant to fire, mildew, and hail and doesn’t require much maintenance. Because copper roofing reflects light, it is energy efficient, saving you up to 25% on cooling costs during our hot Texas summers. What is especially attractive about copper is the aged green patina that forms on it over the years. However, the drawbacks include its noisiness, its tendency to expand and contract, and its relatively high cost.

If an extended lifespan is the main goal for your metal roof, corrugated metal roofing is an excellent choice. This type of roofing is incredibly strong, resistant to corrosion, and can last up to 100 years. It’s also highly flexible and able to survive even the most adverse weather conditions. The main drawbacks of this type of roofing include needing a steep slope to ensure water drains off the roof and its high cost of installation. If you don’t choose aluminum or steel for your corrugated roof, it’s important to check with a roofing professional to make sure the material has been treated for corrosion.

There is also much to love about steel roofing. This material is extremely eco-friendly due to its recyclability. It’s also quite affordable and flexible, and it offers customers a wide range of design options. Steel roofing is also very durable and resistant to insect infestation, corrosion, and fire. This makes it a great option for any climate.

Stone-coated steel is a hybrid metal with a layer of stone as its finish. Many buyers have fallen in love with the rustic charm of stone roofs and their ability to resemble traditional stone shingles. However, what makes stone-coated steel roofing stand out from stone shingles is their durability and longevity. The main disadvantage of this type of roofing that it’s quite expensive because of the labor-intensive nature of its manufacturing and installation.

The advantages and drawbacks of metal shingle roofing will depend on the metal from which they are made. For example, copper shingles look amazing, but are rather expensive, and corrugated metal shingling will last an extremely long time, but will need a coating to make it resistant to corrosion. A big benefit of metal shingles is their ability to mimic the style of traditional asphalt shingling while increasing lifespan considerably. There are a great many styles and colors to choose from with metal shingles, making it likely that you will find a combination that perfectly fits your home and your tastes.

Standing seam metal roofing offers a unique look that is quickly growing in popularity. As its name suggests, this type of roofing consists of flat metal sheets flanked on each side by raised edges. These edges connect with one another, forming a raised seam that spans the roof vertically. Standing seam roofs can be either low profile or eye-catching, depending on the metal and style you select. Although the most commonly used style is flat, there are also curved options, and this type of roofing comes in a vast array of colors.

Exposed fastener metal roofing is eco-friendly and features metal panels that roofers fasten to one another in an overlapping manner. Rather than standing seams, this type of roofing uses fasteners like nails that roofers pound through the metal and directly into your home’s structure. Although roofers leave fasteners visible, they typically paint them the same color as the metal. This makes the look of this roofing appear less seamless, and it is an extremely affordable choice that keeps the material firmly planted in your home.

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Metal Roof Repair

It is our hope that the durability and low maintenance of metal roofing is now abundantly clear. However, this doesn’t mean metal roofing is infallible or completely maintenance-free. It may require repair under certain conditions. One condition is poor installation, and any roofing material is only as good as its installation. That’s why it’s essential to hire trustworthy and experienced roofers like the Titan Roofing team to install your metal roof. Metal roofs can also experience damage from extreme weather conditions like hail, strong winds, or flying debris. This means you may need occasional patching or tile replacement throughout your roof’s life.

In order to keep your metal roof in working order, it’s a good idea to inspect it once or twice a year, as well as after any serious storm. If you believe your roof has suffered damage after a storm, Titan can help you quickly identify potential issues before they have the opportunity to affect its structure.

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