Solar Roofing



Embracing solar energy and saving electricity

More and more people are embracing saving electricity and money, and one of the ways people are doing this is by installing solar roofing onto their homes. You may have seen conventional solar panels before, but there are many that would prefer a more conventional look for their home while reaping the benefits of going solar. But what exactly is solar roofing in general? And is it right for you? Let’s get into it.

What is Solar Roofing?

Solar roofing in general is the concept of generating electricity for a home or another establishment via the sun. In most cases these are referred to as solar panels, however, that is just one type of way to power your home. Solar shingles are another type of solar roofing that mimics the appearance of a more conventional shingle roof.

Solar shingles are growing in popularity as the years go on due to people becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and potential political impact of burning fossil fuels at the rate they are being used. Plus, there’s a financial incentive for owners to save money in the long run. Over 2 million people in the US in the last decade have had solar shingles installed with this number expected to jump exponentially as the industry continues to grow.

What’s the Main Difference Between Solar Shingles and Solar Panels?

Both solar panels and solar shingles serve the same core function – to generate electricity from the sun. However, solar shingles are becoming increasingly popular as they are made to look like more conventional roofing and blend better with most home’s decor.

Solar roof shingles work the same way as panels do, it’s the way they are installed and made to look that are the core differences between the two.

How Do Solar Panels and Shingles Work?

This is an interesting topic in itself. Solar power in general works by taking the sun’s light and translating it into electricity. But how does this process work? The simple explanation is as follows:

  1. Solar shingles get activated via the photons produced by the sun
  2. The solar cells in the shingles absorb the photons to create an electrical current by knocking electrons loose.
  3. The electricity that is produced is known as DC electricity, which most homes cannot use, so an inverter converts this type of electricity into an AC current.

You might think that solar shingles only work on bright sunny days, and while that is the most optimal of conditions for them, but they do in fact work on cloudy days including when it is raining and snowing – they just are not as efficient in those conditions.



If aesthetics are your main concern, solar shingles do a decent job at blending in with conventional San Antonio roofing types. You can still tell when someone has them installed, but they are considered to be more attractive than solar panels in general, which often look jarring when paired with a lot of homes.

Solar shingles and Panels in San Antonio can save you money on your electricity bill since you are producing your own electricity. It’s worth noting that solar energy in areas where electricity costs are cheap are generally the best places to have them installed as you’ll still need to rely on the grid at times. Luckily, San Antonio has relatively cheap energy costs, meaning that your investment will start to pay off more quickly.

Because solar electricity is produced from sunlight, which we have an unlimited abundance of during the day, there are no fossil fuels being extracted from the ground and thus they reduce your carbon footprint. While we are still at a point where you’ll need to rely on the grid, it’s worth noting that many households will be able to utilize much of their electricity usage via solar energy and give some electricity back to the grid with compensation.

Drawbacks of Solar Shingles and Panels

Solar Panels and shingles are great, but they are not for everyone. Every roof type Titan Roofs works with can be great for someone, but not so much to another and so it is important to be informed of the facts before taking the plunge.

  • They are expensive upfront. The upfront cost of solar shingles and panels is likely to turn plenty of people away. While you can save a good deal of money on your electricity bill, and over time your investment will start to pay for itself, they aren’t accessible to a lot of people simply due to cost. However, financing plans can be an option.
  • They require special expertise and more labor to install. Installing solar panels and shingles is a more complex affair that requires an expert to be qualified to do it. Because of this, it might be more difficult to find a contractor that can do it, plus they are likely to charge more as compensation for being qualified. This also ties into solar energy being more expensive to install upfront.

Other Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Shingles With Titan Roofs in San Antonio

  • How long will you live in your home? As we noted in an above section, solar power is a long-term investment if you are looking to save money. If you are planning on moving any time soon or think that you might, solar power starts becoming less cost-effective and your plans might be more compatible with other options.
  • Do you have or need a building permit? Some areas and situations may require a building permit for doing something of this scale. Being aware of the rules before going through with this can keep you out of trouble.
  • How much energy do you need? Many household’s energy requirements are a great fit for solar power, however, it is best to check how much energy your home uses before investing in solar electricity. You don’t want to find yourself in a scenario where you find that you are using a lot of grid electricity while the solar electricity is largely being left untapped.
  • Is your San Antonio solar roofing contractor qualified to install solar shingles? Solar panels and shingles require official qualification in order for a contractor to install because they aren’t like other roofing types. It takes another skill set to ensure that everything is properly installed and working correctly when working with solar panels or shingles, thus asking for proof of qualification should be one of the first questions to ask your contractor when working with them on this job.


Solar power can be a great investment if you fall under the category that can benefit from them

If you plan on staying in your current home for the long-term, live in a household with moderate energy usage, and ensure that they are installed correctly, we think you’ll be very pleased with them. San Antonio is one of the best areas to have solar power installed in the US due to the low cost of electricity, so if you have any questions or would like to take things further, contact us for more information.