Types of Roofing Materials

Choosing Your Roof

Is it time to think about roofing materials? Sometimes a homeowner has to replace a roof because the old one is no serviceable. Sometimes roof replacement is a way to improve the curb appeal of your San Antonio, TX home. You might do this because you’re looking forward to the day when you’ll put it on the market.

Whatever the reason, your roofing contractor is likely to offer you a variety of roofing material types to choose from. To guide you in making your decision, you may want to consider the following:

  • Roofing materials cost. Roofing materials princes vary, and you may be working within a budget. You’ll also want to consider long-term cost by finding out how long the roof is likely to last.
  • Color. You’ll want a color that complements the rest of the home. Not all roofing materials come in all colors.
  • Climate. Some roofing materials are resistant to one type of weather. Others are more vulnerable to a particular kind of weather.
  • Weight. Roofing materials also vary as to weight. It might take extra work and materials in the form of special framing to put a certain one on your home.

That being said, let’s talk about some of the roofing options available to you. We’ll start with three of the most popular.

Asphalt Shingles as Roofing Materials

Types of Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are a budget-conscious choice and work in almost every climate. They’re made of asphalt, fiberglass, and minerals. They come in many colors although they do fade over time. Examples and styles include barkwood, charcoal, slate, and weathered wood. They’re easy to install and last about 20 years. They are susceptible to cracking, however, in areas with many sudden temperature fluctuations.

There are various types of asphalt shingles:

Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglas shingles are lightweight and UV- and fire-resistant.

Organic Shingles

Organic shingles are another type of asphalt shingle manufactured with wood chips and recycled paper, cardboard, and rags. They’re heavier and don’t last as long as fiberglass shingles. This is especially true in areas with a lot of moisture or a lot of cold weather

Three-Tab Shingles

Three-tab shingles are asphalt shingles with cutouts running along the bottom edge. This adds visual appeal by making it look like there’s more than one type of shingle on the roof.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are somewhat like three-tab shingles but more expensive. That’s because they aren’t made with cutouts. This means they provide even more visual variation. They’re waterproof but still not the best choice for a roof with a low slope. They make the roof vulnerable to wind-driven rain.

Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing looks good on bungalows, cabins, and cottage-style homes. The metals available as roofing materials include aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc. Additionally, metal roofing can be made to look like asphalt, slate, or wood shingles. It comes in shingles or roof panels, lasts about 50 years, and fits many budgets. It’s environmentally friendly, lightweight, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes are among the more expensive options. Many people, however, think their distinctive appearance is worth it. As the name implies, they’re thick, rough-cut pieces of wood. They tend to work best in areas where fire and moisture aren’t of great concern. They only last about 20 years in wet climates but can last 50 in dry ones.

As mentioned above, popular and versatile as these three roofing materials are, they aren’t the only ones available. Here are some further possibilities:

Wood Roofing Materials (Other than Cedar Shakes)

Cedar shakes aren’t the only kind of wood roofing you can get. You can also find southern pine and redwood, and shingles instead of thicker pieces. Whatever kind of wood roofing you’re looking at, it will have the general characteristics of cedar shakes given above.

Clay and Concrete Tile Roofing

These stand up well to extreme weather and do especially well in dry climates. They can last up to 50 years. They can lend texture and visual appeal and look especially good on Spanish- and Mediterranean-style houses. They are heavy, though, and likely to require framing or some form of additional support. The concrete ones typically cost less than the clay ones.

Slate Roofing

Slate or ceramic roofing tiles come in many colors. They look good on Colonial- and French-style homes. Additionally, they’re durable, fire-resistant, and recyclable. But they have their disadvantages, too. They’re vulnerable to erosion and don’t stand up well to all climates. It’s easy to break them if you stand on them, and installing them requires extra framing.

Roofing Materials: A Final Word

The experts at Titan Roofing can help you choose the perfect roofing material for your San Antonio TX house. Then we’ll install it quickly and properly at a price that fits your budget. If it’s time for roof replacement, contact us today.