Why You Should Get Roof Repairs in Fall

Roof Repairs in Fall

With fall in full swing, now is the time to consider getting all those essential home improvements out of the way for the colder months. Whether you need some repairs, a new roof installation, or an assessment, now is the time!

Fall creates the perfect working conditions for professional roofers for many reasons. This article will talk about a few of the most common reasons why fall is the best time to book in your roof repairs.

The Perfect Weather Conditions

After a long hot summer, fall brings cooler air. The weather conditions of fall improve the life of your new roof, due to allowing the roofing materials to seal properly. If you were to get your roof repaired or get a new installation in wet weather, it would struggle to cure. Wet and cold weather in the winter is, therefore, not the ideal.

Not only all that, but your professional roofer will thank you for allowing them to work in much more comfortable weather conditions.

Reduction in Energy Costs

As the colder months start, we turn up our heating to keep comfortable and cozy. Although, if you have a damaged roof that requires repairs, this can cause your energy bill to rise. Energy bills will rise as the heat in your home will find escape routes.

Investing in roof repairs or new roof installation will help you to save thousands over the years. As a result, this investment will cover the cost of the essential repairs.

Repair Damage from The Summer Heat

During the summer months, the weather can get very hot. As a result of this, roofs can become damaged over time. Not only that, but consistently heavy rain can also cause damage too. Therefore, the best time to carry out those essential roof repairs is when the weather is fairly cool and dry.

As we then head into the wet and cold winter, you can rest assured knowing that your roof is in tip-top condition.

Plenty of Time for Roofing Materials to Cure

When you are in need of an essential roof repair, you will naturally want to give the roofing materials time to cure. By hiring a professional roofer during the fall, your roof will have more than enough time to cure.

In contrast, if you were to carry out roof repairs during wet weather conditions, the roofing materials would struggle to cure properly.

Say Goodbye to Storms

As we leave the warmer months, storm season is coming to an end. Ideally, you do not want to have roof repairs carried out during the storm season. Simply because storms do not make a great working condition for roofers and could lead to a poor-quality repair.

Additionally, you will also want a professional to assess your roof for any damage that could have been caused by storms. Your roofer will identify any essential repairs that are needed without delays caused by heavy rain.

Fall is Ideal for Shingles

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Shingles are one of the most commonly used roofing materials. But some weathers make it more difficult to install them. In the colder months, shingles can become brittle. This causes them to break easier when your roofers are securing them to the roof. As roofers will secure them with nails, they may have to do this by hand. Typically, roofers will use nail guns to make this process quicker. If they are not able to this can cause delays and an increase in cost.

Storms Can Return in Winter

As we discussed previously, storms are far from the best weather for roof repairs. As winter can start up storms once again, it is best to get your roof repairs out of the way now. If you fail to get your roof repaired in time for another bout of storms, this could lead to even more damage. During storms, already existing damage can be made worse by causing bigger holes or larger leaks.

The Bottom Line

Are you considering waiting to carry out roof repairs during the winter? As we have found out, repairs should never be ignored. Repairs should be addressed as quickly as possible, as soon as they are noticed. This will prevent the existing damage from getting worse.

‘Offseason’ is the time many homeowners wait to get home improvements. This refers to when roofers and maintenance workmen are not in big demand. Homeowners attempt at booking in workmen during these periods because they think that it will be less costly. However, this is not always the case. Many workmen that struggle to work in cold conditions will find other types of work during these months. Rendering them unavailable.

If you have noticed that your roof needs some attention or simply want your roof checked over, do not hesitate to contact us today. We provide high-quality roof repairs and roof installation for both residential and commercial properties.

With winter just around the corner, do not delay in arranging a free assessment!